Many materials are processed through industrial milling operations when they are moist or damp. An effective drying solution is usually required before the finished product is complete. Prater has high-quality and durable spin flash dryers for granular material processing.

How Do Flash Dryers Work?

Many industries, such as food processing, pharmaceutical, chemical, municipal waste, and ceramics, require finished products that meet strict and classified particle-size and purity requirements and must also be dry when finished. Quality spin flash dryers can efficiently and safely process a wide range of moist or wet agglomerated or clumped materials and produce discrete, dry particle outputs.

A flash dryer is, in essence, a hot pneumatic conveyor. It can dry moist materials within a few seconds to minutes. Because of this swiftness, it is called “flash drying.” Wet material is fed to the rotor dryer's main body, where the rotor disperses the wet material into very fine particles. The fine particles are heated by temperature-controlled, hot gas in the grinding chamber. Water and other liquids evaporate almost instantaneously and exit the system by negative pressure induced by an exhaust fan.

How Spin Flash Dryers Solve Drying Problems

The spin flash dryer’s ability to operate with a wide range of substance moisture content, temperatures, and pressures allows it to quickly and efficiently dry many materials.

Soybean agricultural products provide an excellent example of the utility of spin flash dryers in which quick, industrial-scale drying of particulate material is required. Soy products are increasingly popular natural additives for food products. The challenge in soy processing is to dry wet soy feedstock, which is similar in consistency to mashed potatoes and has a typical moisture content of up to 80 percent, into a lump-less, free-flowing particulate. Furthermore, the drying must be accomplished without roasting the soy itself. Spin flash dryers are ideal for this situation. Turbulent, hot, high-velocity gas quickly disintegrates the soy feed and causes instantaneous heat exchange for flash drying while minimizing particle overexposure to heat to prevent roasting.

Spin flash dryers are ideal for many other rapid-drying requirements as well. Additional examples include drying agricultural chemicals such as fertilizers, reducing the volume and weight of municipal waste, and preparing dry raw materials for ceramic products.

Prater Spin Flash Dryers and Rotormills

Prater offers a comprehensive line of Rotormill Pulverizers and Rotormill Spin Flash Dryers in various industrial sizes and capabilities. Our machine capability ranges from 15 horsepower models through our largest machine having 700 horsepower. Our equipment is engineered, assembled, balanced, tested, and serviced whenever needed at our facility.