Prater Introduces New Blow-Thru Rotary Airlock Valve

Prater’s new Blow-Thru Rotary Airlock Valve is designed specifically for applications that require discharging into a pneumatic conveying line and are available in 8”, 10” and 12” sizes. Like all Prater Rotary Airlocks, the new design features an innovative, larger vane pocket design that allows up to 50% more volume which enables the rotor to run at lower speeds than other manufacturers’ rotary airlock and valve feeders. Pair this with their exclusive self-adjusting packing glands and you have a rotary airlock valve that provides minimum air leakage, a longer life, less maintenance and a higher return on investment.

Other standard features such as a precision casting, CNC machining, compact design and universal mounting flanges allow for a versatile material handling rotary airlock valve product that can fit virtually every existing bolt hole pattern and replace any existing rotary valve.

For more information contact:
1-877-AIRLOCK (247-5625)