Prater Introduces Quick Clean Lump Breaker Design

Prater has developed a Lump Breaker with a rail design adopted from its successful QTA-On-Rails Rotary Airlock platform. The Lump Breaker can now be cleaned safer, faster and more effectively than its predecessor and others like it in the field. This product has proven to provide a simple and efficient process of reducing compacted materials into a smaller and controlled granulated product allowing for more efficient and effective downstream handling. It features a heavy-duty single-shaft rotor, outboard bearings, a direct coupled drive, easily replaceable rotating and fixed blades and strategically drilled air purge seals.Prater Quick Clean Lump Breaker

The Prater Lump Breaker improves product flow for a variety of applications while reducing product agglomeration for an all-around easy means of reducing compacted materials. Easy installation and maintenance, as well as an optional sanitary design, make this a simplistic product for businesses of all sizes and types. It can process an extensive array of materials, including chemicals, minerals, salt, sugar, ceramic powders and more.

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