A Quick Message from Prater Industries:

To all our extended Prater Family –

We wanted to send a quick message to let you know that the health and safety of our employees, customers, suppliers and partners is at the center of our concern during these unchartered times.

With that said, we would like you to know that our company has implemented the following policies with full confidence:

We have suspended ALL International and non-essential domestic air travel.

  • No outside visitors will be allowed access to our facility unless it is deemed absolutely necessary to our business operations.
  • 90% of our office staff was converted to working remotely so that there was no interruption to normal business.
  • We have ALL critical employees onsite for daily operations.
  • ALL onsite staff has been educated on social distancing and the essential proper hygiene and periodic cleaning of work areas to aid in reducing the risk of spreading.
  • Keeping in contact with all employees with the latest updates from the CDC.

At Prater we are doing everything we can to make sure there is no disruption to our daily operations or our ability to support our customers.  All business functions including manufacturing, customer service and sales are operating normally.  Please know that we are available at 877-247-5625.

Prater Industries Leadership