Business Overview:

The subject of this case study manufactures powder coatings for various applications and industries. Their coatings have earned a reputation for innovative, high-performance products and world-class service making them a leader in the marketplace. Today, this company serves the world’s top designers and manufacturers.

The Challenge:

This industry leading company developed a new product line specifically for one new customer. During the development process, they discovered that over-sized particles were getting mixed in with the final product instead of being completely screened out by the Rota-Sieve as intended. These over-sized particles were adversely affecting the finish and causing blemishes in the powder coating.

This problem had never been identified before, even on material being run on screens as fine as 200 mesh. They determined that the issue was neither caused because of the chemistry of the new product or the process leading up to the Prater Sifter.

The Solution:

Time was critical, as any delay threatened a global opportunity for the powder coating company. They requested someone be on site to help find a solution to the screening issue. A Prater customer service representative was sent on-site that same night. After meeting with all the responsible personnel and being given a quick tour of the facility, the Prater customer service representative did a thorough examination of the RS-91 Sifting Equipment.

After inspection, it became readily apparent that over the years the fit of certain parts had gotten sloppy resulting in parts movement which was allowing over-sized particles to slip between the worn parts and into the final product. Suggestions were made to use additional gaskets to immediately remedy the problem.

Prater custom engineered a design change as a preventative measure for future production of their new product. After returning to the Prater facility, the Engineering Team created a modification to the sifter design to create overall design improvement for all of the Prater Centrifugal Sifters. A unique new part was created for the customer to satisfy their need.

The Results:

Prater was able to redesign a piece of equipment to create a solution for this powder coating customer specifically, as well as improve the performance of Prater Rota Sieves overall. As a result, the customer was able to move forward with production of their new product and be at the forefront of a new powder coating opportunity creating a new revenue flow for the company. In addition, due to the ability of Prater to deliver results, they was able to fulfill their obligation to their new client and create confidence to more forward with this new product development.


Daniel James is a Customer Service Representative, handling parts and repairs for major manufacturers worldwide. He has worked for Prater since 2006 with a background in quality control.

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