An Overview of Toll Processing 

Toll processing (also referred to as contract processing, tolling, toll milling, toll conversion, toll manufacturing, or custom manufacturing) is an arrangement in which a company that has specialized equipment will process raw materials for another company. Naturally, the company processing the material charges a fee (commonly referred to as a toll) to perform these services.

Toll processing companies can be an asset for a variety of businesses as they have experience in processing a wide range of materials for any number of different industries. They provide a company with valuable information including moisture content, quality control, and size distribution as well as alerting of any difficulties that might be encountered when processing a specific type of material. This information serves to help the customer decide important details regarding the formulation and processing of the material.

Tolling service provides a way to bring a product to market without significant capital risk by the product owner. It also offers a means of intermittent processing, providing flexibility to bring that product to market while the product owner establishes a manufacturing site, builds facilities, employs staff, and commissions equipment to manufacture “in-house.”

The Challenge:

There are many manufacturing issues that lead a variety of businesses to seek out Toll Processing as their solution. Typical issues include, but are not limited to, a lack of specialized equipment, insufficient capacity, unsuitable storage, deficient expertise, time-intensive processing, and expense to meet regulatory requirements.

The Solution:

Prater’s valuable experience in toll grinding, toll milling, compaction, and separation of dry bulk solids has allowed Prater to provide custom toll processing solutions. Our extensive test database often allows us to provide preliminary pricing and delivery schedules within one or two days of product receipt. Prater's toll processing services have helped customers to test-market a new product prior to investing in new processing equipment.

Prater maintains full-size production equipment in our Toll Lab so that large quantities for market testing, emergency production, or product development can be processed for our customers. Incoming and finished particles are tested for moisture and size distribution on the latest computerized analyzing devices available. Various types of dry industrial and food-grade materials can be completely processed and packaged in sizes ranging from 6 inches all the way to 2 micron.

If testing is necessary, our state-of-the-art testing facility allows for a quick turnaround to provide you with the necessary information for further product development.

Company Overview:

At Prater, results come first. Our products work to serve your dry processing, powder, and bulk solids applications. With Prater's extensive line of equipment and systems, you will obtain the best possible results of your process time after time. Each of our high-quality products is developed to serve each industry differently, in order to provide the desired outcome of each processing application.

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Each of our products carries the Prater guarantee of efficiency and durability, while designed to adapt to serve the needs of a variety of industry applications. Prater products are rugged and time-tested, providing the best results for materials processing. Whether you plan to feed, size, enlarge, weigh, or reduce your material, Prater products provide the Particle Management Solutions you seek.

Prater has been providing reliable particle management solutions since 1925. The company specializes in an extensive line of equipment and engineered systems including lump breakers, hammermills, fine grinders and classifier mills, screeners/separators, air classifiers, and more.