As a global leader in the fabrication of cutting-edge material handling equipment, Prater Industries is constantly innovating to provide better products to customers. Prater’s expert technicians always look for new and better processes, customizing our equipment to meet our customers' needs. As a company that’s been around for nearly a century, one of Prater’s strengths involves coming up with original solutions to make our customers’ production more efficient, and our BAV model quick clean rotary airlocks certainly fit this role well.

BAV Easy Clean Rotary Airlocks

Prater’s BAV model is sized between 6-12 inches, giving it a small footprint that makes installation easier. Along with its ability to be disassembled and reassembled quickly without tools, the rail design makes the rotor readily accessible, protects it from being dropped, and makes it easy to clean.

Rotary airlocks by Prater feature rotors with standard eight-vane beveled tips that allow the rotors to move through material smoothly. The rotor also has a direct drive design, which means fewer moving components and no pinch points. With parts cut by a CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machine, Prater’s BAV rotary airlock additionally allows precision clearances.

Rotary airlocks like the BAV also maximize uptime by allowing workers to inspect more easily, so they aren’t just easy to clean. 

How to Clean Prater’s BAV Rotary Airlock

With easy-to-clean rotary airlocks, manufacturers can save time, money, and labor when maintenance or cleaning is required. With Prater’s BAV airlock, cleaning and maintenance can be done much more quickly than for a standard rotary airlock, especially when taking the end plate off.

Here’s six simple steps and an easy-to-follow video to show how easy it is:

  • Remove six T-bolts on the endplate to open the airlock.
  • Once all T-bolts are off, pull the endplate out.
  • The rotor connected to the end plate slides out on two guide rails.
  • Clean the rotor and inside the airlock.
  • Push the rotor back in.
  • Replace and tighten T-bolts.


Easy clean rotary airlocks like Prater’s BAV model work well for any application that requires cleaning on a regular basis, especially food processing or applications that utilize different color pigments.

Sizing Prater Airlocks

Estimating the size of the rotary airlock you need can also be done easily with Prater’s Airlock Calculator Tool. Whether you’re looking at our quick clean rotary airlocks with or without rails, or any other variety, this tool will provide a general guide. For more information about the best rotary airlock for your specific application, please contact Prater’s airlock specialists today.