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Particle Size Reduction Equipment

Posted on 9/30/20 2:30 PM

A variety of industries utilize particle size reduction equipment for particle management. Size reduction of bulk solid materials is necessary for processing products, enhancing and improving the material's performance properties, or meeting particular processing requirements. Depending on the material that needs processing, particle size reduction equipment varies. In large part, a material's properties will determine which particle size reduction equipment to use.  

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Hammermill Parts & Replacements for Optimal Performance

Posted on 9/25/20 12:15 PM

Hammermills are the workhorses of the process industry and central to the success of any operation. Integral to that success is a preventive maintenance program. A properly designed preventative maintenance program will consist of regularly scheduled inspections and routine maintenance of equipment combined with a stocking program of essential hammermill parts and components, all which are specific to the equipment’s design, duty cycle, operating environment and severity of the product being processed.

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What is a Rotary Airlock Feeder?

Posted on 9/18/20 2:51 PM

A rotary airlock feeder is a type of industrial valve used in material handling systems to process and transfer dry bulk materials for production. Though referred to by more than one name—rotary valves, rotary feeders, rotary airlocks, or simply airlocks—it is typically used to transfer solid bulk material from hoppers, bins or cyclones, into vacuum and pressurized pneumatic conveying systems. Its main components are the outer housing, rotor and shaft, end plates, a drive, shaft packing seals and bearings.

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What’s the Difference Between a Lump Crusher and Hammer Mill?

Posted on 9/11/20 9:00 AM

Hammer mills and lump breakers, also known as lump crushers, are machines used in material handling systems across a wide range of applications. Many industrial sectors require particle size reduction for the processing of material—minerals and mining, cosmetics and pharmaceuticals, agricultural and food manufacturing, pet foods and plastics, and so on. In processing material, particle size reduction may be necessary to increase the surface area of material, increase  dissolution or absorption rates, improve pneumatic conveyance, ...

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Tolling Services Explained

Posted on 8/26/20 8:35 AM

Tolling services are often defined as a simple arrangement, where one company processes raw material or near-finished goods for another in return for a “toll” or fee. Industry wide, toll processing services are known by many names—toll manufacturing, contract processing, tolling, toll conversions, and even toll milling when it involves size reduction—but the service is essentially the same. For example, contract processing may involve a long-term service contract or agreement between two companies to further process material, where ...

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How Centrifugal Sifters Work

Posted on 8/17/20 1:24 PM

Centrifugal sifters, also referred to as rotary sifters or rotary screeners, are a type of industrial screening machine used to process a wide range of free-flowing materials such as powders, agglomerates and granules. Able to perform high-capacity scalping and sifting for both large and small applications, centrifugal sifters are cost-effective, offer increased production efficiency and operate with less noise and vibration than other types of screens, making them ideal for scalping away oversized particles and for removing  foreign ...

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Particle Size Reduction with Fine Grinders

Posted on 8/13/20 8:59 AM

There are numerous industries that depend on particle size reduction to improve the performance of a variety of materials. Particle size reduction is utilized in the manufacture of many end products across a variety of industrial sectors.

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What Are Air Classifying Mill Machines?

Posted on 7/28/20 12:16 PM

An air classifying mill is a type of industrial size reduction machine integral to bulk solid processing industries. The general design incorporates a vertical, two-stage, closed circuit grinding chamber combined with an interstage air classifier that’s housed as one unit.

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Selecting Crushers & Lump Breakers

Posted on 7/9/20 9:21 AM

Lump breakers also referred to as lump crushers, are a type of equipment that performs particle reduction of material used in production applications by a variety of industries. The size and scope of lump breakers can vary depending on the scale and type of material that requires crushing or breaking apart. They can be installed inline within a process, configured for stand-alone operation or part of a conveyor-fed system. 

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Rotary Airlock Valve Specifications & Design

Posted on 6/25/20 3:08 PM

In bulk and specialty material handling systems, rotary airlock valve specifications and designs are influenced by such factors as pressure, size, temperature, and construction. Rotary airlock valves can be custom machined for processing various materials. However, optimal, worry-free performance of a system relies mainly on knowing the exact processing specifications of that system.

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